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What is Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic home heating uses water as a medium to transfer warmth to another matter or surface.  Many people are still not familiar with this system or are unsure exactly how it works.  Here we explain the advantages.

A simple way is to view hydronic heating as a modern-day energy efficient home heating that uses tubing to run hot fluid under floors.  Base board heaters and/or radiators can used to heat the water.

Advantages of Hydronic Heating

Home heating can be very expensive and it is a constant recurring expense that can be a big percentage of a household budget.  Most heating systems work by heating the air.  Air is known to be a very poor conductor of heat.  This is why it is used between the two panels in double glazed energy efficient windows as an insulator.  Heating the air is not the most efficient way of keeping your home warm.

There are numerous advantages to heating your home utilizing a hydronic system.  It could be for a new house or as a retrofitted replacement heating system.  The heat is evenly distributed across the room without developing any kind of cold and breezy areas.  Additionally, placing the warmth at floor level is extra cosy and more efficient than having the warmest air near the ceiling.

When you are heating the floor you do not need to orientate your furniture to suit the heat source.  Floor heating is a much nicer heat than having warm air blown around your head.  When you heat surfaces rather than air you will find that everything you touch is warm.  Your floor will act a bit like a heat bank which retains the heat.  Contrastingly, when heating with a heat pump system the air flow cools down quickly when the unit is switched off.

Hydronic Heating System

The system basically works by circulating hot water through tile, wood or concrete flooring.  The water runs through specifically designed tubing.  For even greater cost savings it is feasible to mount a solar thermal system that will enable the sunlight to do some of the water heating.

The water can be heated by gas, heat pump, wood heaters, or gas or wood boilers.  Boilers are efficient in that they concentrate the heat into the water source.  Hydronic heating costs more to install but the day to day running costs are very economical.  It makes sense to fit the system when building a house but it can also be retrofitted.

If your home is double story then an efficient way to heat the top floor is with the use of radiators connected to the hydronic system.  Radiators are very effective placed near windows to heat the cold air coming into the room creating a thermosiphon.  The warm air heats as it rises and the cool air drops to the floor which is then warmed by the radiators.  It uses natural air circulation to heat your home!

The Water in Hydronics

The heated water is dispersed throughout your home using small circulators which are pumps.  The electrical energy intake for most property circulators is much lower than a 100 Watt light bulb.  Warm water coils have been developed to fit inside conventional free standing woodstoves, as well as hydronic water jackets developed to fit inside a traditional masonry fire place.

Hydronic furnaces are among the best methods to heat numerous rooms.  You can also have different temperature levels set for each room.

Other heat sources for hydronic systems include solar thermal collectors, geothermal water-to-water heat pumps or wood and pellet fired boilers.

Water is the medium that absorbs heat from the source and acts like a vehicle that brings the heat to the place or the room in the house you want it to go.  Because the heat is at floor level rather than ceiling height, there is much lower heat loss through ceilings than a conventional heating system.

Energy Efficient Heating

Hydronic Heating is a wise home heating choice that will certainly help reduce your power costs as well as the impact on the environment.

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